Saturday, July 10, 2010

Old Lyme Florence Griswold Museum Visit

Hi all,
It was a rainy day and the end of the course is getting close to being done,or is it just the beginning for new experiences to start. I went to The Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme. It was not what I was expecting, as usual. The House and all it's surroundings were a country retreat for artist. The museum is considered "The Home of American Impressionism". The museum itself is in 4 sections of rooms, you cannot take pictures. What I did notice is that the paintings were more about Connecticut which was good.Plus the paintings are what I thought oil painting would look like. Most were painted thick with color. Some say it is the Munich style of painting. Most were impressionist style. After the museum visit I walked about the grounds. I saw this art work above, the Rambles sculpture. The artist only created things with natural materials and they usually only last up to a year or so. The material is then scattered back into nature.
The little building above was a place for American Impressionist William Chadwick (1879-1962)a studio. See Painting of his above Front Parlor, Florence Griswold House, c. 1905-08
Oil on canvas Gift of Elisabeth Chadwick O'Connell. This is a painting of Florence Griswold in the house I visited, part of the museum. The other painting was of one other person, maybe another artist, sitting on the porch of the house. "On the Piazza", c. 1908 Oil on canvas Gift of Mrs Elizabeth Chadwick O'Connell
Chadwick painted and made frames in the other section of the studio. That was certainly a nice extra, to see where an artist did his or her work while vacationing there.
Artist stayed in the house for $7 dollars a week and $5 dollars extra for a studio. This may not have been a great place to get pictures but it did have something else. I recommend a visit just to get to see the surroundings. This was definitely a different museum experience.

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